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Patent Pending

no. 18/473,214

In February of 2023, I was fishing the Irondequoit Creek with one of Tribs pro staff Dylan Malone for winter steelhead and browns. Winter fishing is often slow, needing to change bead colors often to see what's working. Realizing that more time was spent re-tying bead rigs than we should have, I set out to find a solution. There are other removable beads on the market today, but they still require the use of a peg. Removing a peg from a used bead can be a difficult and tedious process. If the pegs are pulled out, they are frequently thrown on the ground. As a conservationist for our local wildlife, I wanted to create a easily reusable bead that does not need irritating pegs (not to mention how expensive good pegs can be, and reusing a bead requires additional pegs). I went home and started designing. Hence the Tribs Bead was born. Tribs Beads are a fully removable beads without the need for pegs. It utilizes a partially threaded insert that when screwed in, secures the bead to the fishing line. When testing the beads started, it was realized that unique color combinations can be achieved by using different colored screws than that of the bead bodies. 

The Tribs Bead also offers bead shapes that traditional beads do not offer. Each bead is purposefully not a perfect sphere. When looking at true trout or salmon eggs, no two eggs are alike and again are not perfect spheres. This is shown on the image to the right. 

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