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About Us

Starting in 2021, Tribs Reels puts quality and excellence as their priority. Being made 100% in the United States, the manufacturing process can be controlled and monitored to ensure the upmost quality. Each reel is hand assembled by the founder himself. Going through quality checks along the way that is displayed in every box. 


Our Story

From a young age, Logan Culver; the founder of Tribs Reels, has been passionate about fishing. Expanding upon his passion, over the last four years Logan has dedicated his free time to fishing the Western New York tributaries. While setting off on his college career, Logan sought to find the art of a “perfect drift.” At age 19, he began guiding for salmon and steelhead in various tributaries that he had become familiar with over the years. Expanding even more so on his passion for the tributaries he fishes, Logan commenced the designing process of his own centerpin reel. Hence the company Tribs Reels was born; Tribs Reels is a company focused on quality reels and manufacturing solely within the United States. Each reel is hand made by Logan himself. In the recent year of 2023, Tribs Reels branched out with its products- adding the Tribs Bead. The Tribs Bead is a fully removable trout bead that does not require the need to be pegged, saving anglers countless hours and frustration.  Encompassing the knowledge of what goes into making reels along with the professional knowledge of the waters he guides, Logan has been able to spread his passion to many others and influence the local world of fishing. 

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