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Have you ever been fighting a fish on a tradition centerpin, and when a big fish takes off and does a long run the handles spin around and nail your fingers? For those who are unfamiliar, anti-reverse is when the handles do not spin backwards when fighting a fish. This reel works the same as every other centerpin when drifting. The free spool and reeling is all the same as a traditional. But once a fish is engaged, the user simply turns on the clicker and the handles do not spin backward. This also engages the drag system of the reel as well. Like every other Tribs reel, the Inductor is equiped with ABEC 7 Ceramic Hybrid bearings to ensure efortless spinning for even the longest drifts. Retail Price is starting at $739.99. Buying today is just reserving a reel for when they are released.

INDUCTOR - 5" Pre-order

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